Wedding Packages

Dan Brannan Photography

Dan Brannan Photography

There are legal requirements that must be met in order for you and your partner to get married. There are some legal words that must be exchanged however the rest of the ceremony is only limited by your imagination (& mine!). All ceremonies I create are based on your relationship and the style you like. It can range from structured and formal to lighthearted and relaxed. The best ceremonies are those that reflect your love for another and where everyone can have a laugh. Do it your way!! The ceremony really does set the feel for the entire celebration. So let’s have some fun and enjoy this wonderful occasion with all your favourite family and friends.

Full Deal

Ashleigh Haase photography

Ashleigh Haase photography

You get what the title suggests. Everything….

I offer a number of meetings either face to face, skype, facetime or a phone call. During these meeting we plan all the nitty critty things, I provide you will sample readings, poems, quotes, ideas on writing your vows, symbolic elements to add to the celebration and we go through the logistics of the planning and the all-important day. All the legal elements are taken care by me, I will let you know what ID documents I need to see and when. You have access to my speaker if you wish to play music for the ceremony. Your ceremony will be personlised and unique.

Short and Sweet

Carley Payne Photography

Carley Payne Photography

This is designed for those who want to get married without too much fuss. You want a wedding with family and friends present however you don’t need all the bells and whistles. I offer some options to personalize your ceremony and all the legal elements are taken care of.

Legals Only

Milina Opsenica Photography

Milina Opsenica Photography

A legals only ceremony is a small intimate affair. It consists of myself, you and your partner and two witness (over the age of 18). We perform the legal requirements and then you are married, free to celebrate with family and friends afterwards, overseas or in another cultural ceremony.

 What you need to know….

  • Contact me via the Contact tab and I will be in touch as soon as possible.

  • I will be in contact to arrange a no obligation meet and greet where you have the opportunity for to decide if I am the right fit for your wedding. We can meet in person, via Skype, facetime or on the phone.

  • You decide if I am the celebrant you are after.

  • It’s planning time – we meet to complete the legal form called Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) and I sight your ID documents. We also begin planning your ceremony.

  • In the months prior to your ceremony you will receive the draft version of your ceremony for your review and any alternations needed.

  • In the week leading up to your wedding we will be in contact either on the phone or at the rehearsal if one is needed.

  • The day has arrived…. I will arrive early to organize everything with your suppliers and make sure your wishes have been taken care of.

  • During the ceremony I will guide you through the ceremony – no need to remember every detail.

  • Have fun and enjoy being a married couple.